Artificial intelligence to classify and search text

Modern solutions to sort and find things in the age of information overload.

starTXT Natural Language Processing solutions

State of the art powertools for executing repetitive language tasks.

Document classifiers

Classify sentences, paragraphs and full documents based on content.

Semantic search

Find similar content to keywords, sentences and paragraphs.

Named entity recognition

Extract specific elements and expressions in text.

Text to logic

Change prose into rules that computers understand.

One day ...

... you can't imagine that you used to have only two choices to work your way through a mountain of data:

Option 1 – By hand

Huge effort, error-prone, impossible to account for proceedings.

Option 2 – By using heuristics

Probably fast, surely not 'in control', likely damaging.

Or something terrible in between.

Today is that day

starTXT offers you a serious and automated alternative:

Incredibly fast

Put's you in control

Easy to implement

Ask for a demo

Take the most important step to finally and properly sort and find things.

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