Turn your documents into usable information.

Extract project requirements at least 40% cheaper than manual document processing.

Imagine starting your project with the right information, readily available in your applications.

Compare that to manual extraction and sharing of relevant content:

Time saver

Radical reduction of effort to make text-based information available in software applications where the real work is done.

First time right

Initiate your task or project with high quality information. Never go back to the drawing board because of omissions in your data.


Don't read, interpret and share watered-down content. Link to original data so reasoning, decision-making and results become traceable to the source.

How it works.

Get structured textual information from unstructured documents, in three steps:

1 – Share your original, unstructured data

Give starTXT access to, or share your unstructured text documents.

2 – Let starTXT.ai do the processing for you

starTXT.ai extracts relevant information from the shared documents.

3 – Review outputs and publish structured data

After a check, publish outputs to applications you choose, ready for use.

Do you want to see for yourself?

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