Process large volumes of text, without reading it.

AI powered Natural Language Processing from starTXT.

Transform unstructured textual data into usable information.

Share a large volume of text documents.

A network drive, fileshare, bucket, any other repository or connector.

Show starTXT what you are looking for.

Define classes, pick a level of detail and set quality benchmarks.

AI classifies your documents and document-elements

starTXT sorts the relevant from the irrelevant documents. And starTXT finds chapters, pages, paragraphs, sentences and other relevant text elements.

Review output quality.

Use metrics, check a sample, or perform an extensive check on quality.

Publish results.

Make your structured information available for the next steps of your business process.

Outputs and Integrations

starTXT publishes results in four ways:

Documents in folders

Classified documents are placed in neat folders on a fileshare of your choosing.

Highlighted PDFs

Relevant content is highlighted in a PDF copy of your documents.

Metadata export

Get a XLS or CSV containing all generated metadata from documents and document-elements.

Connect to Laces

Publish metadata and trace it to the original document. Future proof solution for reuse in other applications.

Your data stays in the building

starTXT offers solutions for when your data can't leave the building. On premise, And for when it can.

Docker Container


Hugging Face Infinity

Google Cloud Platform

Amazon AWS

Microsoft Azure

About us

We believe that AI powered NLP enables super human productivity. starTXT feel that "automating the meaning of text, at scale" is fundamental for dealing with societal challenges.

Bart Schrijnen

Chief Executive Officer

Martijn Dijkshoorn

Chief Product Officer

Ayhan Cicek

Chief Engineer

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