Extract and sort text

Artificial intelligence for processing large volumes of digital text documents

starTXT Natural Language Processing solutions

State of the art powertools for executing repetitive language tasks.

Text extraction

Extract text from digital documents.

Document classifiers

Classify sentences, paragraphs and full documents based on content.

Semantic search

Find similar content to keywords, sentences and paragraphs.

Named entity recognition

Extract specific elements and expressions in text.

Dependency and relations

Change prose into structure.

You used to have two options for processing a mountain of digital text documents

By hand

Huge effort, error-prone and impossible to account for.

Or by using heuristics

Probably fast, but surely not 'in control'.

Today, starTXT offers you an alternative

AI powered Natural Language Processing pipelines and microservices:

Hyper cost-efficient

Fully in control

Low cost implementation

About us

We believe that AI powered NLP enables super human productivity. We feel that "automating the meaning of text, at scale" is fundamental for dealing with societal challenges.

Bart Schrijnen

Chief Executive Officer

Martijn Dijkshoorn

Chief Product Officer

Ayhan Cicek

Chief Engineer

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